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The Drum, ABC, 26th April 2016

Host: Julia Baird Panel: Peter Lewis, Annabel Crabb, Denis Dragovic

The Drum, ABC, 23rd March 2016

Host: Julia Baird Panel: Tom Switzer, Greg Sheridan, Feyi Akindoyeni and Denis Dragovic.

Bloomberg TV, 23rd March 2016

Denis Dragovic discusses the terrorist attacks in Brussels with Bloomberg's Angie Lau on "First Up.

Sky News, 17th November 2015

Why attacking Islamic State with guns blazing is not the right approach

Bloomberg TV, 16th November 2015

Discusses the attacks in Paris with Bloomberg's Rishaad Salamat on "Trending Business."

Sky News, 3rd August 2015

Stan Grant, Reporting LIVE

TV New Zealand, 29 June 2015

ISIS: Four letters synonymous with terror, violence and bloodshed

Note: Having started a new role with the Federal Government I have limited my public commentary as of June 2016.

Dr Denis Dragovic 

Radio and Print Interviews

The Kurds: The world's largest group of stateless people? SBS Radio, 14th April 2016

Can the UN negotiations bring peace to Syria? 4ZZZFM, 6th February 2016

Turkish Government says Islamic State behind deadly Istanbul suicide bombing, ABC Radio National, 13 Jan 2016

Why is there still fighting in Syria? 2SER, 21st December 2015

Dr Denis Dragovic on responses to Paris 94.7FM The Pulse, November 17, 2015

ABC Drawing Room, 29 September 2015

Should Australia bomb Syria? Does halal certified food fund terrorism? How best to respond to IS? 

Was Malcolm Turnbull right about Islamic State?, July 2015

We can't impose democracy in the Middle East, 3AW, 8 Oct 2014

selected Media Commentary

Opinion Pieces

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Migrant crisis: Best solution is aid for Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, The Australian, 8th September 2015

Australian must help the US bomb Syria, The Age, 2nd September 2015

Close the door to discussing religious differences, and risk radicalisation, The Australian, 13 May 2015

The World Fights Islamic State, The Diplomatist, December 2014

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